EL Hogar Gallego focuses on seafood cuisine with a strong commitment to product quality. Fish and seafood arrive at the restaurant in Calella directly from the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, mainly from the ‘batea’ of Cambados and the “palcos” of Blanes, Palamos and Arenys de Mar. The product cult prevails throughout the menu. The best meat from Galicia and a wide variety of local products of the farmers of El Maresme, add to complete the offer of fish and seafood of the day.

El Hogar Gallego focuses on seafood cuisine with a strong commitment to product quality and simplicity, with a friendly and personalized service. Quality products that are selected by the chef every day.

Its own fishpond with lobsters, oysters and clams, and the exhibitor at the entrance to the dining room are the best showcase of our fresh fish and seafood quality. The most succulent pieces (scorpionfish, megrim of Sant Pere, sea bass or bream) to cook on the grill, baked, “a la sal” (baked in salt) or ‘a la espalda’ and presented daily in a cart, for waiters to show to the customers while they are having a look at the menu and the suggestions of the day. 

El Hogar Gallego opened in Calella (Barcelona) in 1977. Three generations have already worked in its kitchen. Toni Gordillo Bernárdez, son of Antonio Gordillo Lavado, is currently the chef of this seafood restaurant of Calella, which maintains a balance between the market cuisine of his father and the innovation gained through his training and stay in some of the best restaurants of the country.

His long career and appreciation for excellence, that meets the expectations of his faithful diners, support his multiple awards. In 1992 the restaurant was awarded the Tourism Diploma of La Generalitat and, since 2013, it has been annually holding the Repsol Suns of the Repsol Guide.

Toni Gordillo

head chef

Toni Gordillo is the chef of El Hogar Gallego restaurant. It is characterized by its modern cuisine with traditional roots. He avoids excessive ornaments and emphasizes knowing how to extract the best from top quality products.

Regala Hogar Gallego

Professionally trained at the Escola d’Hosteleria Arnadi Hoffman in Barcelona, he has worked alongside Ferran Adrià (El Bulli), Santi Santamaria (El Racó de Can Fabes), Jean Luch Figueras (Jean Luch) and Olivier Roellinger (Les Maisons de Bricourt). This professional experience added to the fact that he grew up in the kitchen of the family restaurant play a fundamental role in his way of cooking.